Pentaho Release Notes - Previous Years

Pentaho Release Notes - September 2022

Report Updates

  • [GNRL-220] Program Details Report was updated to ensure the report runs as expected for all screen types. 
  • [GNRL-400] Program Linked Service Review was updated to now include Staff and Added Date columns to the report. 
  • [HSNG-102] CoC Housing Assessment Report layout was updated to ensure all data is legible.

  • [HUDX-225] HMIS Data Quality Report, [HUDX-227] Annual Performance Report, and [HUDX-228] ESG CAPER Annual Assessment logic was updated to ensure alignment with HUD guidance for enrollment household members with a different project start date than the head of household. The administrator versions of the reports were also updated. 

    • There was an issue reported with the updated Annual Assessment logic which has since been fixed. The reports run as expected. 
  • [HUDX-223-AD] System Performance Measures were updated as HUD has acknowledged an error in the current version of the specification in relation to Measure 4 and Federal Partner Programs and Components (Safe Haven). 
  • [HUDX-223-AD] System Performance Measures Measure 3 logic was updated to align with Looker. 
  • [HUDX-231(-AD)]  LSA Report [FY 2022] has been released on 09/20/2022 along with the updated LookML LSA Dashboards and Updated LSA Toolkit.
  • [HUDX-224-AD] PATH Annual Report updates went live on 09/30/2022. Row Q12 Contacts logic specifications have been updated to be more inclusive whilst counting client contacts per updated HUD Specifications. 

Inventory Functionality Releases

  • [GNRL-220] Program Details Report was updated to include additional columns to capture enrollment-associated unit data to align with the new Inventory functionality for Entry and Exit Screen Types.
  • [RFRL-102] Referral Outcome Statistics was updated to include Unit Queue referrals, Referral Type columns, Referral Type Subtotals, and an Expired Status Column. 

Upcoming Updates 

  • Inventory Functionality Updates
    • Referral reports ([RFRL-103] and [RFRL-104]) and [CLNT-102] Client History are also slotted for inventory-related improvements. 
    • Additional Supplemental Unit Queue reports are also being developed at this time. 
  • [HUDX-225] HMIS Data Quality Report, [HUDX-227] Annual Performance Report, and [HUDX-228] ESG CAPER specifications for FY2023 have been released. FY2023 versions of the report will be released soon. FY2022 versions of the reports will remain available until 01/01/2023.

Help Center Article Updates

Updated: 09/30/2022