Pentaho Release Notes - Previous Years

Pentaho Release Notes - November 2021

LSA Status

The LSA Export will be released on 11/22/2021 in the Clarity Report Library in the HUD Reports section. The long anticipated LSA submittal process is currently set to begin on 11/29/2021. 

Please refer to the LSA FAQ/Troubleshooting and 2021 LSA Toolkit for the latest information as well as guidance for preparing for submission.

Please note, the LSA Export can take up to 2 hours to generate. 

Report Updates

  • [HUDX-111] HUD CSV / XML Program Data Export [FY 2022]
    • Updates were made to the referral event dates depending on the referral method
  • [HUDX-223-AD] System Performance Measures
    • Updates were made to ensure the report runs as expected
  • [HUDX-235-AD] CE APR [FY 2022]
    • Code associated with  referral event date was updated to reflect the appropriate program referral date dependent upon the referral method (Community Queue, Eligibility Determination or Direct Referral). 

  • [HSNG-108] Housing Census
    • Updated administrator sharing restrictions
    • Report engine error resolved
  • v3.5 [HUDX-224] PATH Annual Report
    • Updates were made to ensure the report runs as expected
  • Gender Logic Updates - FY2022 Gender Updates & Updated gender_json for multi-select
    • [CLNT-104] Profile Screen
    • [CLNT-125] Client Summary
    • [DQXX-102] Program Data Review
    • [DQXX-103] Monthly Staff Report
    • [DQXX-105] Monthly Agency Utilization
    • [EMPL-102] Employment / Education Report 
    • [GNRL-102] Client List
    • [GNRL-103] Service Census
    • [GNRL-110-AD] VIP List
    • [GNRL-117-AD] Client Assessment Score
    • [GNRL-210] Assessment Details Report
    • [GNRL-220] Program Details Report
    • [GNRL-401] VI-SPDAT Details
    • [GNRL-404] CE Assessment Details Report
    • [GNRL-405] CE Assessing Staff Report
    • [HSNG-104] Monthly Housing Report
    • [HSNG-105] Weekly Housing Census
    • [HSNG-108] Housing Census
    • [HUDX-106] HUD Veteran By-Name List
    • [HUDX-224] PATH Annual Report
    • [HUDX-225] HMIS Data Quality Report
    • [HUDX-227] Annual Performance Report
    • [HUDX-227] Annual Performance Report
    • [HUDX-228] ESG CAPER [FY 2020]
    • [HUDX-230-AD] Shelter Count PIT
    • [HUDX-231-AD] LSA Export - Systemwide
    • [HUDX-235-AD] CE APR [FY 2020
    • [OUTS-102] Performance Monitoring
    • [OUTS-105] Client Demographics
    • [OUTS-106] Client Demographic
    • [OUTS-108] CE Demographics
    • [RFRL-120] Community Queue Detail
    • [RFRL-122] CE Community Queue Detail

Many custom reports were also updated to reflect FY2022 data standards. For more information about these updates, please reach out to your BFF or the Support Team.

Help Center Articles 

  • APR, ESG-CAPER and HMIS DQ FAQ - Update
  • CSV Export Updates - New
  • LSA FAQ/Troubleshooting - Update
  • [CLNT-104] Profile Screen - Update
  • [CLNT-125] Client Summary - New
  • [HSNG-104] Monthly Housing Report  - Update
  • [HSNG-105] Weekly Housing Census  - Update
  • [HUDX-230-AD] Shelter Count PIT  - Update
  • [HUDX-231-AD] LSA Quick Guide - Update
  • [HUDX-235] Coordinated Entry Annual Performance Report (CE-APR) - Update
  • [OUTS-105-F] Client Demographics (Flat Version) - Update
  • [OUTS-108] CE Demographics Report - Update
  • [RFRL-110] VI-SPDAT Referral Detail - Update
  • [RFRL-120] Community Queue Detail - Update
  • [RFRL-122] CE Community Queue Detail Report - Update
  • [STFF-105-AD] License Utilization - Update

Updated: 11/29/2021