Pentaho Release Notes - Previous Years

Pentaho Release Notes - May 2023

Report Updates

  • [EXIT-101] Potential Exits 
    • This report has been updated to ensure alignment with Clarity Auto-Exit definitions.  Logic now includes Coordinated Entry Events/Results, and Unit Connections.  Column headers were updated to reflect "Most Recent Activity" and "Most Recent Activity Date". 
  • Pronouns Field Updates 
    • The following reports were updated to accommodate the new Clarity Pronouns field: 
      • [CLNT-102] Client History
      • [CLNT-103] Photo ID Card
      • [CLNT-104] Profile Screen
      • [CLNT-125] Client Summary
      • [GNRL-106] Program Roster
  • Clarity Bed Night Definition - Logic Updates 
    • To align with Clarity's updated bed night logic, Pentaho reports will be updated to align with the new Bed Night definition. 
    • Bed Nights must have the following configuration: 
      • Project Type = Emergency Shelter

      • Tracking Method = Night-by-Night

      • Service Category = Housing

      • Site Type = Residential: special needs and non-special needs, Residential: special needs only

      • Delivery Type = Daily Attendance, Single Event

    • The following reports will be updated to align with the updated Bed Night logic:
      • Federal Reports
        • [HUDX-111] HUD CSV / XML Program Data Export
        • [HUDX-123] Housing Inventory (HIC)
        • [HUDX-223] System Performance Measures
        • [HUDX-225] HMIS Data Quality Report
        • [HUDX-227] Annual Performance Report
        • [HUDX-228] ESG CAPER
        • [HUDX-230-AD] Shelter Count PIT
        • [HUDX-231] LSA Export report
        • [HUDX-233] HMIS Client-Level Length of Time Homeless Report
      • General Reports
        • [CLNT-125] Client Summary
        • [CLNT-127] Homeless Status Timeline
        • [GNRL-105] Program Participation Summary
        • [GNRL-106] Program Roster
        • [GNRL-212] Profile Details Report
        • [HSNG-102] CoC Housing Assessment Report
        • [HSNG-104] Monthly Housing Report
        • [HSNG-105] Weekly Housing Census Report
        • [HSNG-108] Housing Census
        • [HSNG-200] Current Housing Availability
        • [OUTS-102] Performance Monitoring
        • [OUTS-106] Client Demographics
        • [OUTS-300-AD] Outcomes Income and Recidivism
        • [STFF-103] User Active Caseload 
      • Custom Reports 
        • If a custom report will be impacted by the updated Bed Night definition, BFFs and Community Admins will be reaching out for a confirmation to update the logic for impacted reports. If the update was confirmed, the report has been updated. 
    • [HUDX-235] CE APR 
      • Programming Specifications for the CE APR were recently updated. Updates will be made to ensure the report aligns with the updated specifications. 
    • [OUTS-108] CE Demographics Report
      • The [OUTS-108] CE Demographics report was updated to utilize Assessing Agency as opposed to the User Home Agency to align with other general CE reports. 
    • [OUTS-205] Program Recidivism

      • The [OUTS-205] Program Recidivism report was updated to include all project types with additional parameter options and report tables.

Upcoming Updates 

  • Inventory Functionality Updates
    • Additional Supplemental Unit Queue reports are being developed at this time to highlight current unit configuration at a glance and detailed unit referral information.

Help Center Article Updates


Updated: 05/31/2023