Pentaho Release Notes - Current Year

Pentaho Release Notes - March 2024

Released Updates

  • [HSNG-108] Housing Census Report 
    • A hotfix was released as queries were reworked to improve performance for long-term Night-by-Night Shelter report runs and to resolve an unexpected behavior when some programs had characters with diacritical marks. 
  • [HUDX-111] HUD CSV / XML Program Data Export
    • A hotfix was released to ensure unique AssessmentResultIDs when an assessment is attached to more than one enrollment. 
  • [HUDX-231-AD] LSA Exports
    • A hotfix was released to ensure alignment with CSV guidance regarding funding sources per the LSA specifications. Retired funding sources will not be included in the report code to align with specifications and prevent potential HDX module interface issues. 
  • Q7. Inactive Records - Street Outreach and Emergency Shelter
    • Reports that utilize/reference Q7. Inactive Records - Street Outreach and Emergency Shelter logic from the HMIS Reporting Glossary (APR, CAPER, HMIS DQ Report) were updated to ensure accurate counts as it relates to Adults and Head of Households in Night-by-Night Emergency Shelter and Contacts. 
  • Referral Report Improvements
    • Reports utilizing logic associated with referrals were updated to appropriately calculate referral counts concerning upcoming and canceled referrals. 

Upcoming Updates

  • Personal ID Updates
    • Coming Soon: Federal Reports will have a new 'Client ID Selection' parameter to allow reports to be run with the 'Clarity Unique Identifier' or 'HUD Unduplicated Personal ID'. This new parameter will provide users with the flexibility to determine how reports will create the client universe.
  • [HUDX-111] CSV/XML Export

    • We are planning updates to optimize and improve this report regarding sharing settings and non-ASCII characters. 

Help Center Article Updates 

Updated: 03/26/2024