Pentaho Release Notes - Previous Years

Pentaho Release Notes - March 2022

Report Updates

  • [HUDX-123-AD] Housing Inventory Count (HIC)

    • Geocode logic was updated to align with APR/CAPER logic.  Geocodes are pulled from the Site screen. 
  • [HUDX-227] Annual Performance Report

    • Drill down columns in income tables were updated to show yes/no as opposed to on/off.
  • [HUDX-228] ESG CAPER
    • Table Q22e row 13 logic was updated to ensure accurate counts. 
  • [HUDX-235-AD] CE APR
  • [RFRL - 103] Referral Statistics - Inbound and [RFRL - 104] Referral Statistics - Outbound
    • Referral logic was updated to ensure reassigned referrals pull into the report accurately within the reporting period. 

Upcoming Updates

  • Method 2 - Active Clients by Date of Service logic was recently updated with the release of the FY 2022 HMIS Standard Reporting Terminology Glossary.
    • Reports that utilize Method 2 logic for active clients will soon be updated and are listed below: 
      • HUD/Federal Reports
          • [HUDX-223-AD] System Performance Measures
          • [HUDX-225] HMIS Data Quality Report
          • [HUDX-227] Annual Performance Report
          • [HUDX-228] ESG CAPER
          • [HUDX-235-AD] CE APR [FY 2022]
      • General Reports
          • [OUTS-102] Performance Monitoring
          • [OUTS-106] Client Demographics
          • [OUTS-300-AD] Outcomes Income and Recidivism

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Updated: 03/30/2022