Pentaho Release Notes - Current Year

Pentaho Release Notes - January 2024

Released Updates

  • [HUDX-123-AD] Housing Inventory (HIC) Supplemental
    • The HIC Supplemental Report has been released on 01/18/2023. This report was updated to align with the FY2024 Data Dictionary Updates. Additionally, improvements were made to the previous table structure with updated columns and a new table. This canned report has been renamed to highlight the supplemental usage of this tool now that HUD is requiring CoCs to use the LSA export for HIC submissions to HDX 2.0.
  • [HUDX-224] PATH Annual Report

    • To ensure alignment with the HUD PATH Generator Tool, a funding restriction was added to the report to confirm PATH funding was configured within the selected report date range, and PATH service logic was improved to ensure expected results. 
  • [HUDX-230-AD] Shelter Count PIT
    • A hotfix was released to ensure accuracy with counts for the "Multi-Racial (not Hispanic/Latina/e/o)" row in the Race and Ethnicity tables. 
  • [HUDX-235(-AD)] CE APR [FY 2024]
    • The Q4a drilldown table was improved to ensure enrollment information was captured as expected. This table includes client universe information and their qualifying activity types (Latest Household Assessments, Q10 CE Assessment, Q10 CE Event). 
  • [OUTS-101] Program Outcome Measures 

    • Income Source labels were updated to align with the wording in Clarity and the Data Dictionary.
  •  [RFRL-103] Referral Statistics - Inbound and [RFRL-104] Referral Statistics - Outbound
    • Reports have been updated to ensure necessary activity types are included in the referral counts. 
  • All General Reports have been updated to align with FY 2024 HUD Data Standards.  The following General Reports were updated and released in January 2024:
    • [DQXX-105-AD] Monthly Agency Utilization Report
    • [GNRL-212] Profile Details Report
    • [GNRL-406] Service Census [Program Based]
    • [HSNG-102] CoC Housing Assessment Report
    • [HSNG-104] Monthly Housing Census
    • [HSNG-105] Weekly Housing Census
    • [HUDX-234] HMIS Statistics Report 
    • [OUTS-105] Client Demographics [Service Based]
    • [OUTS-105-F] Client Demographics (Flat Version)
    • [RFRL-120] Community Queue Detail 
    • [RFRL-122] CE Community Queue Detail Report
    • [RFRL-150-AD] Community Queue Query
  • Wording Update - CoC Filter Category: Bed CoC was updated to Inventory CoC. There have been no changes to the filter functionality.
    • This was updated on all reports that have a CoC Filter Category parameter. 
      • Federal Reports
        • [HUDX-111(-AD)] HUD CSV / XML Program Data Export [FY 2024]

        • [HUDX-123-AD] Housing Inventory (HIC) [FY 2024]

        • [HUDX-225(-AD)] HMIS Data Quality Report [FY 2024]

        • [HUDX-227(-AD)] Annual Performance Report [FY 2024]

        • [HUDX-228(-AD)] ESG CAPER [FY 2024]

        • [HUDX-230-AD] Shelter Count PIT [FY 2024]

        • [HUDX-235(-AD)] CE APR [FY 2024]

      • General Reports
        • [DQXX-120-AD] Project Households with issues in HoH determination

        • [GNRL-242(-AD)] Client Project Stay Issues

        • [GNRL-406(-AD)] Service Census [Program Based]

        • [GNRL-407(-AD)] Service Summary [Program Based]

        • [GNRL-408(-AD)] Service Issuance Summary [Program Based]

        • [HSNG-200(-AD)] Current Housing Availability

Upcoming Updates

  • Personal ID Updates
    • Coming Soon: Federal Reports will have a new 'Client ID Selection' parameter to allow reports to be run with the 'Clarity Unique Identifier' or 'HUD Unduplicated Personal ID'. This new parameter provides users with the flexibility to determine how reports will create the client universe.
  • [HUDX-227(-AD)] Annual Performance Report [FY 2024]
    • The CSV-Details Report Output is currently being updated with structural improvements. Previously, the layout was designed to generate a column in the report for each cell. However, the new streamlined layout allows for easier review and analysis.

Help Center Article Updates

Updated: 01/31/2024