Pentaho Release Notes - Current Year

Pentaho Release Notes - April 2024

Released Updates

  • [CLNT-101] Case Notes
    • An update was released to increase the limit for text per case note. Please note, that if the Excel report output is selected the character limit within cells is 32,767 characters. 
  • [GNRL-103] Service Census [Service Based]

    • A performance improvement was released to enhance runtimes when running the report for longer periods of time. It is recommended that when users are running the report for more than one year, the PDF or Excel Output is used for improved performance.
  • [GNRL-106] Program Roster
    • An update was released to the Excel output format of the report to ensure accurate program aliases. 
  • [GNRL-220] Program Details Report

    • An update was released to the report to ensure the appropriate date formatting for each relevant column. 
  • [HUDX-111] CSV/XML Export
    • An update was released to utilize RHY funding to identify R20 aftercare data elements on follow-up screens. 
  • [HUDX-225] HMIS Data Quality Report
    • An improvement was released for the Details output for this report. The CSV-Details report output format was updated to align with the APR CSV-Details output. 
  • [HUDX-231-AD] LSA Export
    • A hotfix was released to ensure that the appropriate funding sources were included in the funder.csv file as it relates to inactive picklist values in Clarity Human Services and funding end dates. 

Upcoming Updates

  • Personal ID Updates
    • Coming Soon: Federal Reports will have a new 'Client ID Selection' parameter to allow reports to be run with the 'Clarity Unique Identifier' or 'HUD Unduplicated Personal ID'. This new parameter will provide users with the flexibility to determine how reports will create the client universe.
    • [DQXX-110] Duplicate Clients Report will be updated to support new Personal ID algorithms. This report will have an updated layout to include the new criteria for identifying potentially duplicative client profiles. 
  • [HUDX-111] CSV/XML Export

    • We are planning updates to optimize and improve this report regarding sharing settings and non-ASCII characters. 
    • Updates are being made to reflect recent HUD TA guidance related to DateProvided and FAStartDate.
  • [STFF-104] Staff Client Data Activity
    • The [STFF-104] Staff Client Data Activity Report updates are currently being developed to add activity log types highlighting Coordinated Entry Events, Client Field Interactions, and Inventory-related activity. 

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Updated: 04/24/2024