Sample Looks

Outreach Model: Quarterly Client Count in Encampments

Stakeholders and planning entities want to know how encampments have shifted on a quarterly basis. The Looks below contains a count of clients entering encampments and a percent of change on a quarterly basis.  

Quarterly Client Count in Encampments

The steps below outline how to create this Look.  

1. Explore - Outreach Model 
2. Fields 
     Add the following fields to the Look:  
    • Dimensions 
      • Encampment Stays – Quarter • Client Start Date  
    • Measures 
      • Clients – Number of Clients 
    • Custom Fields  
      • % Change from Previous Row  
        • Select the Gear icon in the Data Table next to the Clients Number of Clients Header 
        • Hover over Calculations, then select % Change from Previous Row 
        • The table calculation will appear under Custom Fields 
        • Update the Name to Percent Change from Previous Quarter 
3. Filters 

     Add the following fields as filters to the Look as needed:  

    • Encampments – Name of Encampment: Set filter to specific Encampment Name 
    • Encampment Stays – Client Start Quarter: Set range to fit reporting needs (I.e., is in year: 2022 for Calendar Year analysis for 2022, is not null if applicable, or is in the past 2 years for last complete year and current year)  
4. Visualization – Column 

      To update column visualizations to include bars and lines with values and left/right axes, complete the following steps. 

    • Select Edit in the Visualization toolbar 
    • Select Series 
      • Select Percent Change from Previous Quarter 
        • Type: Line 
        • Points: Circle  
    • Select Values 
      • Toggle On Value Labels and Label Null Columns 
    • Select Y 
      • Drag Percent Change from Previous Quarter to the Right Axes Section