Sample Looks

Outreach Model: Encampment Map by Client Count

A common use case of the Outreach Model will be creating maps to review encampments and unsheltered clients. The Look below shows a map of encampments with points that are proportional to the size of the encampment. 

Encampment Map by Client Count

The steps below outline how to create this Look.  

1. Explore - Outreach Model 
2. Fields 
     Add the following fields to the Look:  
    • Dimensions 
      • Encampments – Center of Encampment 
      • Encampments – Name of Encampment 
    • Measures 
      • Clients – Number of Clients  
3. Filters 

     Add the following fields as filters to the Look:  

    • Encampment Stays – Is Current Encampment (Yes/No): is Yes 
4. Visualization – Google Maps  

      To update map visualizations to include density color-coding on map plot points, complete the following steps. 

    • Select Edit in the Visualization toolbar 
    • Select Plot 
      • Plot Mode – Points 
    • Select Map  
      • Adjust Map Position to best fit the reporting need 
        • Custom Map Positions utilize Latitude, Longitude, and Zoom Level 
    • Select Points 
      • Type – Circle  
      • Radius – Proportional to Value 
      • Scale – Linear 
      • Radius Units – Pixels 
      • Marker Color Mode – Based on Value