Sample Looks

Outreach Model: Client Specific Location/Encampment Review

Case Consultation groups and Street Outreach teams may be trying to locate an unsheltered individual to inform them of a new housing referral, need to complete case updates, or providing basic need services. The following Look generates a map with a specific client’s locations and encampment information to help identify a client’s general location.  

Specific Client Map Review

The steps below outline how to create this Look.  

1. Explore - Outreach Model 
2. Fields 
     Add the following fields to the Look:  
    • Dimensions 
      • Clients – Personal ID 
      • Encampment Stays – Date • Encampment Start Date  
      • Encampment Stays – Date • Encampment End Date 
      • Encampments – Name of Encampment 
      • Enrollments – Enrollment ID 
      • Geolocations – Full Geolocation • Geolocation 
      • Geolocations – Type • Geolocation 
3. Filters 

     Add the following fields as filters to the Look:  

    • Clients – Personal ID, Full Name, or Unique Identifier: Set filter to specific client 
4. Visualization – Google Maps  

      To update map visualizations to include icons with lines connecting map plot points, complete the following steps. 

  • Select Edit in the Visualization toolbar 
  • Select Plot 
    • Plot Mode - Connect with Lines 
    • Select Points 
    • Type – Icon 
    • Icon - Default 
    • Marker Color Mode – Based on Value 

Note: The fields included in the data table of the Look will appear when hovering over any icon in the visualization.  

Updated: 09/08/2022