Data Models

Looker Data Models - Overview

Bitfocus has built several different data models for to meet various analysis needs:

Client Model

  • Similar to HMIS Performance, however does not require project enrollment to be included in the model
  • The only model to include deleted client data.
  • More information in the Client Model article

Coordinated Entry

  • Analysis across a continuum
  • Designed to work with Coordinated Entry features from Clarity Human Services
  • Only available with standalone Looker license
  • More information in the Coordinated Entry Model article

Data Quality

  • Use for analyzing data quality performance for projects
  • Covers all HMIS data elements
  • More information in the Data Quality Model article

HMIS Performance

  • Most popular, general purpose model
  • Must have a project enrollment to be included in this model
  • More information in the HMIS Performance Model article

HMIS Population over Time

  • Longitudinal analysis
  • Program evaluators may be interested in this model
  • Look at total client population on a given day
  • Analyze long term trends in your data
  • Must have a project enrollment to be included in this model
  • More information in the Population Over Time Model article

Project Descriptor Model

  • No client data
  • Information about projects and agencies
  • System administrators would use this model
  • Agency managers may find it useful for staff Looks (without client data)
  • More information in the Project Descriptor Model article

Reservations Model

  • Ability to see all reservation slots for all dates in the recent past or near future
  • Ability to show which slots are reserved
  • Ability to see client data associated with reservations, including whether the client showed up or not
  • More information in the Reservations Model article

Services Model

  • Use for services that may or may not be connected to a project enrollment
  • Must have a service to be included in this model
  • Contains many of the same dimensions as the HMIS Performance model

Note: For more information on specific dimensions or measures, refer to the (information bubble) available next to some of the field names. 

Float your cursor over the (information bubble) for a brief description.


Updated: 10/27/2021