Data Models

Looker Data Import Analysis Model


The Data Import Analysis Model is intended for users to analyze a file they are preparing for import or to review the results of completed imports. Some of the information in this model can be seen after uploading a file on the DIT page in Clarity, before and after an import.


  • Client_Mapping
    • Maps legacy HUD PersonalIDs from an import file to Clarity Client IDs
      • Client ID - The Clarity Client ID
      • External ID - The Legacy HUD PersonalID
      • ID - Unique ID for the table
  • Enrollment_Mapping
    • Maps legacy HUD Enrollment IDs from an import file to Clarity Enrollment IDs
      • Enrollment ID - Clarity Enrollment ID
      • External ID - Legacy HUD EnrollmentID
      • ID - Unique ID for the table
  • HUD Client
    • Elements from the HUD Client.CSV file
  • Import File Analysis Results
    • Provides various counts of records within a given import file. These counts include a total count of clients, enrollments, and exits, among others.
  • Import Logs
    • Provides an analysis of the import results for each record from the import file. Links legacy records to Clarity records and provides a message about the success or failure of updating/inserting to that Clarity record.
    • File ID - The ID of the import file
    • Category
      • The type of record
        • 1 - Client
        • 2 - Client Group
        • 3 - Client Enrollment
        • 4 - Client Group Enrollment
        • 5 - Program Status
        • 6 - Client Service
        • 7 - Program Map
        • 8 - Service Map
    • Clarity ID - Clarity ID of the relevant record. For Category - Client, the Clarity ID would be the Client ID. For Category - Client Enrollment, the Clarity ID would be the Clarity Enrollment ID.
    • External ID - The relevant legacy ID
    • Message - Information about whether the record was successfully imported/updated or a reason why it was not
  • Import Program Mapping
    • Mapping from legacy Project IDs to Clarity Program IDs
    • External ID - The legacy Project ID from the import file
    • External Program Name - The legacy Project Name from the Import file
    • Import ID
    • Program ID - The Clarity Program ID to which the legacy ID is mapped
  • Import Service Map
    • Mapping of legacy services from the HUD services file to Clarity Service Items. This is done by grouping the legacy client services by their legacy values for ProjectID, Record Type, and Type Provided and mapping all client services within each group to a given Clarity Service Item.
      • The following data comes from the HUD files being imported:
        • External Organization ID - Legacy Organization ID
        • External Project ID - Legacy Project ID
        • External Record Type - Legacy Record Type
          • Record Type Description - HUD Description of each Record Type
        • External Type Provided - Legacy Type Provided
          • Type Provided Description - HUD description of each type provided
    • Service Item ID - Clarity Service Item to which the legacy service is mapped
  • Import Sources
    • ID - Unique ID for the table
    • Key Value - The source ID from the import Export.csv file
    • Name - The SourceName value from the import Export.csv file
  • Imports 
    • Added Date - The date the file was uploaded to the DIT
    • Agency ID - The agency from which the file was uploaded
    • Error Count - A count of DIT validation errors for the file
    • Extension
    • File State
    • ID
    • Import Date - The date the file was imported
    • Import Standard
    • Is Imported - Whether or not the file import is complete
    • Last Updated - The datetime of the last update to the import file
    • Source Name - source name captures how the data was imported into the system, whether it was via DIT or API
    • User Uploading - The user who uploaded the file
    • Valid (Yes/No) - Whether or not the file passed DIT validation and can be imported
    • Validation Date - The date DIT validation was run
    • Version

Sample Looks

Review Monthly Import Activity

This look is designed to review successfully imported data within the past month.


  • Imports - Is Imported (Yes/No): is Yes
  • Imports - Import Date Date: is in the past 1 months
  • Imports
    • Agency ID
    • ID
    • Import Date
  • Import File Analysis Results
    • Clients Count
    • Program Enrollments Count
    • Program Exits Count
    • Program Statuses Count
    • Programs Count

Visualization: Table

data import 2

Annual Import Review: Count of Successful Imports by Source (DIT/API)

This Look is designed to review Successful Import Activity within the last complete year to analyze the source of the import.


  • Imports - Is Imported (Yes/No): is Yes
  • Imports - Import Date Month: is in the past 1 complete years
    • Imports
      • Date Month
      • Source Name (Pivoted)
    • Imports
      • Count
Visualization: Column
  • Plot: Stacked
  • Series: Updated Color Palette
  • Values
    • Toggle On
      • Value Labels
      • Label Null Values
      • Total Labels

data analysis 1

Published: 01/25/2024