Linking Assessments to Program Enrollments


Assessments recorded from the agency-level ASSESSMENTS tab can later be "linked" to a program enrollment under the following conditions:

  • In the program setup (MANAGE > PROGRAMS > Edit [Program Name])):
    • The Program Assessments setting must be enabled.

    • The assessment to be linked must be added under Program Resources > Program Assessments.  

  • The enrollment must be active (no End Date).

Note: You can only link assessments recorded at the same agency as the enrollment. Ensure that you are switched into the correct agency and that the same agency provided both the assessment(s) and enrollment.

To link the assessment, navigate to either the HISTORY or PROGRAMS tab and click the Edit icon next to the program enrollment.

Within the enrollment, click the Assessments tab and click LINK FROM ASSESSMENTS.

Turn on the toggle next to the assessment(s) you would like to link to the enrollment and click LINK & CLOSE

The assessment(s) are now linked to the program enrollment and will appear in both the enrollment’s Assessments tab and the client HISTORY tab.