Configuring INVENTORY



The INVENTORY functionality includes its own specific set of screens, called Housing Inventory Screens (SETUP > SCREENS > Screen Types > Housing Inventory).

Each instance is allowed one Site Screen, one Building Management Screen, one Unit Configuration Type Screen, one Unit Management Screen, and one Bed Management Screen. Housing Inventory screens are unique because they contain Housing Inventory Core fields that cannot be edited or viewed by system administrators or managers on the SCREEN EDITOR.

System administrators cannot create additional Housing Inventory screens. However, they can modify the default screen to add Housing Inventory Custom fields as well as Labels and Warnings, if desired. To edit these screens, follow the same procedures you would when modifying any other screen type. 

When the same Field Marker (a Housing Inventory Custom field with the Field Marker toggle enabled) is added to multiple screens, data can cascade down from one screen to another. For example, if a Site screen has the same Field Marker as a Building screen, the data that a user enters for that Field Marker at the Site will cascade to any buildings set up within that Site.

Note: In order for data in Field Markers to cascade, the Field Marker must be included not just at the level you want it to cascade from and the level you want it to cascade to, but also at all levels in between. You may hide the Field Marker at the “in between” levels if desired. For example, if you want data to cascade from a Field Marker at the Building level to that Field Marker at the Unit level, you must also include that Field Marker at the UCT level.

HUD-Required Fields

The Unit Configuration Type Screen will, by default, collect the following HUD-required Bed/Unit Inventory data:

  • Project Type
  • CoC Code
  • Household Type 
  • Bed Type (ES project type)
  • Availability (ES project type)
  • Beds dedicated to CH Veterans (PSH project type)
  • Beds dedicated to Youth-Veterans
  • Beds dedicated to any other Veteran
  • Beds dedicated to CH Youth (PSH project type)
  • Beds dedicated to any other Youth
  • Beds dedicated to any other CH (PSH project type)
  • Non-dedicated beds
  • Total bed inventory (auto-calculates based on bed numbers in Bed/Unit record)

When you are customizing the screen, you will not be able to see these fields, but they will automatically be visible when the screen is in use.

Published: 5/17/2023