Sample Looks

Inventory Model: Unit Review by Project Type and Availability

One of the many advantages of the Inventory functionality is being able to apply a status to a unit. Creating a Look with Project Type and Unit Availability Status allows a matchmaker, program manager, or system administrator to quickly review how many units are available and if units are not available, why, with three fields. 

This Look contains a table with counts of units by project type and unit availability status, and row/column totals for total counts of units by project type and unit availability status. 

Current Availability by Project Type

The steps below outline how to create this Look. 

  1. Explore - Inventory Model
  2. Fields
    Add the following fields to the Look: 
    • Dimensions
      • Inventory - Programs - Project Type Code - Unit 
      • Unit Availability Status - Current Availability
        • Pivot this measure by selecting the ‘Pivot Data’ icon

Current Availability Pivot Hint

Select Totals and Row Totals in the Data Toolbar. Update the Row Limit as needed.