Sample Looks

Inventory Model: Unit Queue Review with Client Data

The Unit Queue configuration can be reviewed in the Project Descriptor Model, however, in the Inventory Model a Look can be expanded and client data can be connected to the unit. This Look captures a Unit Queue list for the selected project type and the clients currently occupying the unit.  This example is filtered to include Permanent Supportive Housing units. 

Updated - Unit queue review with client data -1

The steps below outline how to create this Look. 

  1. Explore - Inventory Model
  2. Fields
    Add the following fields to the Look: 
    • Dimensions
      • Inventory - Building Units - Name 
      • Inventory - Buildings - Name
      • Inventory - Programs - Program Name - Unit
      • Inventory - Programs - Project Type Code - Unit
    • Measures
      • Clients - Number of Clients 
      • Create a Custom Measure: List of Unique Identifiers
        • Locate Unit Queue Connected Clients - Unique Identifier
          • Select the ellipses
          • Hover on ‘Aggregate’
          • Select ‘List of unique values’

Unit Queue Review - Custom Measure

3.   Filters

        Add the following fields as filters to the Look: 

    • Program - Project Type Code: is equal to “PH - Permanent Supportive Housing (disability required for entry)”
    • Unit Occupancy - Occupation End Date: is null 
      • Note: Setting the Unit Occupancy - Occupation End Date to 'is null' allows review of the current occupancy for these units. Setting the Unit Occupancy - Occupation End Date to 'is not null' or to a particular date range will provide past occupancy. 

Update the Row Limit as needed.