Sample Looks

Inventory Model: Unit Queue Referrals by Referring Agency

When a client meets the eligibility criteria for an applicable unit, the client can be reassigned from a Community Queue to a unit through Unit Queue functionality. This Look displays the referring agency, count of Unit Queue referrals, the status of each referral, and referral total counts by referring agency and referral status within the past one year (January 1 - now).

Unit Queue Referrals by Referring Agency

The steps below outline how to create this Look. 

  1. Explore - Inventory Model
  2. Fields
    Add the following fields to the Look: 
    • Dimensions
      • Referrals - Referring Agency 
      • Referrals - Status
        • Pivot this measure by selecting the ‘Pivot Data’ icon

Pivot Hint 2

    • Measures
      • Referrals - Count

   3.   Filters

          Add the following fields as filters to the Look: 

    •  Referrals Date: is in the past 1 years 

Select Totals and Row Totals in the Data Toolbar. Update the Row Limit as needed.

Note: This Look can be easily updated to review inbound referrals by replacing Referrals - Referring Agency with Inventory - Programs - Program Name - Unit.