Sample Looks

Inventory Model: Unit Assignment Type - Direct vs. Referral

There are two ways a client can be assigned to a unit - directly through an enrollment or through a referral with the Unit Queue. A dimension in the Inventory Model was developed to capture this data. This Look makes it easy to review clients that were enrolled in a program within the Reporting period, were connected to a unit attached to the program, and whether the connection to this unit was from a referral or attached at the enrollment level. 

Assignment Method

The steps below outline how to create this Look. 

    1. Explore - Inventory Model
    2. Fields

      Add the following fields to the Look: 

    • Dimensions

      • Inventory - Programs Program Name - Unit 
      • Unit Occupancy - Assignment Method 
        • Pivot this measure by selecting the ‘Pivot Data’ icon

Assignment Method - Pivot

    • Measures

      • Clients - Number of Clients

    3.   Filters

            Add the following fields as filters to the Look: 

    • Enrollments - Reporting Period Filter: is in the past 2 quarters
    • Unit Occupancy - Assignment Method: is not null 

Select Totals and Row Totals in the Data Toolbar. Update the Row Limit as needed.