Sample Looks

Inventory Model: Offline Unit Review

Building maintenance, pests, flooding, fires, cleaning, renovations - units may be offline for a multitude of reasons. Inventory functionality allows users to label a unit as offline with a reason and description. This Look creates a table with offline units, why they are offline, and the days the unit has been offline. 

Offline Units Look

The steps below outline how to create this Look. 

  1. Explore - Inventory Model
  2. Fields
    Add the following fields to the Look: 
    • Dimensions
      • Inventory Programs - Program Name - Unit 
      • Inventory - Building Units - Name
      • Unit Status - Status
      • Unit Status - Start Date 
      • Unit Status - End Date 
      • Unit Status - Offline Description
      • Unit Status - Offline Reason 

Note: When reviewing historical unit data, the Unit Status view should be utilized. 

    • Custom Fields
      • Table Calculation: Days Offline 
        • Offline Units - Table Calc HighlightSelect ‘+Add’ in the Custom Fields view
        • Select ‘Table Calculation’
        • Input the Expression below


Offline Units - Calculation

     3.   Filters

            Add the following fields as filters to the Look: 

    • Unit Status - Status: is equal to Offline

Update the Row Limit as needed.