Coordinated Entry Events

Introduction to Coordinated Entry Events


Coordinated Entry (CE) Events are designated in Clarity Human Services as either “manual” or “inferred”:

  • Manual Events are recorded by the user in the client enrollment record.
  • Inferred Events are recorded automatically by the system through referrals based on criteria such as project type or funding source.

The system offers the following settings and processes for configuring CE Events:

  • In Referral Settings:
    The Inferred Coordinated Entry Events setting allows you to designate which events will default to “Inferred” for all of the programs in this Referral Setting that have the Coordinated Entry Events toggle enabled. Refer to our “Referral Settings: Overview” article for details.

    Enabling an Event as Inferred does not mean that this event will always have to be Inferred; this just serves as a starting point. Adjustments can be made at the program level as described below.
  • At the program level:
    For programs that have the Coordinated Entry Events toggle enabled, the Events that were designated as Inferred in the Referral Settings can be changed to Manual, and vice versa. Refer to our “Program Setup: Coordinated Entry Events" article for details.

For details on how to record and edit Manual Events in the client record, how to view CE Event history, and how the system updates Inferred Events, refer to our “Recording and Editing Coordinated Entry Events in the Client Record” article.

Published: 5/5/2023