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[HUDX-230-AD] Shelter Count PIT

Report Purpose & Summary

The Shelter Count Point-in-Time report is designed to report on the count of clients sheltered during chosen point-in-time. The report is required during the once per year HIC/PIT reporting, usually in the Spring. 

Running the Report

Report Location

From the System agency, navigate to the Launchpad icon, then to Report Library, Administrator Reports. Due to the information available through the drill downs, this report should only be run by System Administrators or others authorized to access information across agencies and CoCs.

Who Can Run the Report

System administrators and users with additional access can run the report across multiple agencies.


The following parameters are required to run this report. 

CoC Choose which CoC to report on
Agency Filter Category

There are four levels of CoC filtering available. Only one option may be selected:

  • Agency CoC - Data will pull from Agencies with the selected CoC(s)
  • Programs CoC - Data will only pull from Programs/Projects with the selected CoC(s)
  • Site CoC - Data will only pull from Sites with the selected CoC(s) 
  • Bed CoC - Data will only pull from Bed Inventories with the selected CoC(s). Be aware, choosing this option will limit to only those projects with Bed Inventories ***Recommended***
Agency Status All, Active, Inactive

Choose which agencies to include

Program Type(s)

Choose which program types to include

Program Status

Recommend using All so projects that may have closed during the reporting year are included

Continuum Project

This parameter was added to filter out non-continuum projects from the report. ***Selecting Yes is recommended for the report to align with the HIC report.***


Choose which programs to include

Client Location Filter

Selecting this option will only include households where the HoH has the selected CoC as the Client Location

PIT Date

For official HUD PIT/HIC reporting, this should be the CoC determined point-in-time date, typically during the last ten days of January of the reporting year

Report Output Format

Web Page, PDF, Excel

Report Details

Programming Specifications

HUD has not provided official programming specifications. Communities and vendors work off the HIC (Housing Inventory Count) and PIT (Point-In-Time) Data Collection for CoC and ESG Programs notice. Refer to the latest version for the latest information.

For an overview of how the HIC and PIT are pulled from Clarity Human Services, refer to HMIS Bed Inventories, Occupancy, and Reporting.

Sheltered Count

The Shelter Count reports on the following project types:

  • Emergency Shelter
  • Safe Haven
  • Transitional Housing

Unsheltered Count

CoCs are also required to report an unsheltered count of clients. Refer to the notice linked above for guidance on conducting the unsheltered count. This count is not tracked in HMIS and will be manually recorded by CoCs.

Population Data

Population Data is broken down into three household types: Persons in households with at least one adult and one child, persons in households without children,  and persons in households with only children. For definitions of household types and other key terms, please review the latest HIC/PIT Notice

Report Format

The PIT is broken down by populations:

  • All Households
    • Households with at Least One Adult and One Child
    • Households without Children
    • Household with Only Children
  • Veteran Households
    • Households with at Least One Adult and One Child
    • Households without Children
  • Youth Households
    • Unaccompanied Youth
    • Parenting Youth


There is an additional section for homeless subpopulations as well as a table breaking down counts of sheltered persons by program and project type by age, gender, and household type (unaccompanied minors, single adults, and families). 

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Updated: 04/18/2022