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[HUDX-225] HMIS Data Quality Report

This article explains how to run the [HUDX-225] HMIS Data Quality Report that reviews data quality across a number of HMIS data elements.

This article provides an overview of the report plus key definitions from the HMIS Data Dictionary. Please refer to the HMIS Reporting Terminology Glossary for the complete programming specifications. 

Key Definitions

  • Missing Data: Missing data is defined to mean data where the answer is data not collected, is null or blank, or where the entire form or table record on which that field resides is completely absent.
  • Invalid SSN's: Based upon Social Security Information, the following SSN's will be counted as "Data Quality Issues" because they are not valid:
    • 111111111

    • 222222222

    • 333333333

    • 444444444

    • 555555555

    • 777777777

    • 888888888

    • 012345678

    • 123456789

    • 234567890

    • 345678901

    • 456789012

    • 567890123

    • 678901234

    • 789012345

    • 890123456

    • 098765432

    • 109876543

    • 210987654

    • 321098765

    • 432109876

    • 543210987

    • 654321098

    • 765432109

    • 876543210

    • The first three digits cannot be "000", "666" or in the 900 series.
    • The middle two digits cannot be "00".
    • The last four digits cannot be "000".
  • Latest Project Stay Only: This report should use each relevant client’s latest project stay (i.e., latest program enrollment).

Running the Report

Who Can Run the Report

All users can run the report. There are restrictions on which information can be accessed based on the user's access rights.

The Admin version of the report can be run across agencies by System Administrators and others with the appropriate access roles.

Report Location

This report can be found in the following locations in the Report Library:

  • HUD Reports  → [HUDX-225] HMIS Data Quality Report
  • Administrator Reports → [HUDX-225-AD] HMIS Data Quality Report


The following parameters are required to run this report:

Switch Access Agency(-ies)

This option allows a user to generate the report for programs from multiple agencies. Some ESG grants require this capability. The ability is dependent on the access rights of the user. In other words, the user must have access to more than one agency.

The list of agencies will include the user's primary or home agency, followed by other agencies to which the user has access.
CoC Filter Category

There are four levels of CoC filtering available. Only one option may be selected for each report:

  • Agency CoC: The report will only pull from Agencies with the selected CoC 
  • Program CoC: The report will only pull from Programs/Projects with the selected CoC
  • Site CoC: The report will only pull from Sites with the selected CoC
  • Inventory CoC: The report will only pull from Bed Inventories with the selected CoC. Note:  Choosing this option will limit to only those projects with Bed Inventories.

Project Type(s)

Choose which project type(s) to include:

All, Single Select, or Multi-Select (Hold Control/Command or Hold Shift to select multiple options sequentially.)

Program Status
  • All Programs
  • Active Programs
  • Inactive Programs
Continuum Project

This status is taken from the Manage/Programs screen:

  • All - All projects
  • Yes - Only includes Continuum projects
  • No - Does not include Continuum projects


Choose which program(s) to include"

All, Single Select, or Multi-Select (Hold Control/Command or Hold Shift to select multiple options sequentially.)

Report Date Range

Choose the date range of enrollments to include.
Report Output Format

Web Page, PDF, Excel, CSV-Details

Drilldown Output Format

Web Page, PDF, CSV

Additional Administrator Parameters

Agency Status

  • All Agencies
  • Active Agencies
  • Inactive Agencies

Agency Filter Category

See CoC Filter Category above


Choose which agencies to include:

All, Single Select, or Multi-Select (Hold Control/Command or Hold Shift to select multiple options sequentially.)

Report Details

Drilldown Functionality

Drilldown functionality is available for each section of the report and contains a list of clients with Unique Identifier, Client Name, SSN, Date of Birth, Program, Start Date, End Date, and Assigned Staff. 

Updated: 04/08/2024