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These pages contain the authorizing regulation and notices for HUD and HMIS. 

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HMIS Guides and Tools

HMIS Guides and Tools are intended to assist Continuum of Care (CoC) Program grantees, HUD-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) Program grantees, Veterans Homelessness Prevention Demonstration (VHPD) Program grantees, and HMIS vendors in designing, implementing, and maintaining an HMIS. Resources available include templates and tools, sample policies and procedures, training modules, and manuals. 

HMIS Project Set-Up Tool

The Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Project Set-Up Tool provides a general framework to support project setup in HMIS by system administrators. It assists system administrators in ensuring that all HMIS participating projects are set up using the appropriate HMIS project types and are collecting the required data elements. Appropriate setup is critical for enabling your HMIS to generate System Performance Measures and project-level reporting to federal funders.

Using the HMIS Project Set-Up Tool, system administrators enter up to three federal funding sources for a project to determine if they are compatible and can be used in a single project in HMIS. If the sources are not labeled “inconsistent program components,” they may be joined as a single project. The tool indicates which HMIS project type should be selected in the HMIS and show each of the required HMIS data elements for the funding sources selected.

If you believe your system allows the selected funding sources to be combined because of specialized functionality within the software, despite any warnings by the tool, please check with your HMIS Vendor/Provider before making any changes.

Note: This is a macro-enabled Excel workbook (.XLSM). After you download and open this file, a yellow warning message at the top of the workbook warns you about the macros. You must click “Enable content.”