Housing Reports

[HSNG-200] Current Housing Availability


This report summarizes, by housing project type, then program name the amount of available bed and unit inventory on the night before the report is run.

Running the Report

Who Can Run the Report

Anyone can run the report but the returned information will be limited based on the access rights of the user.

An Administrator version of the report is also available [HSNG-200-AD]. System administrators and users with additional access rights to this report can run it across multiple agencies.

Report Location

The report is located in the Housing section of the report library.


  • Agency Filter Category - choose which screen the CoC filter should be applied to:
    • Agency CoC
    • Program CoC
    • Site CoC
    • Bed CoC
  • CoC - choose which Continuum of Care to run the report
  • Program Type(s) - choose which residential project types to include
    • Option to choose All
    • Option to ctrl-click or shift-click to choose more than one
  • Program Status - choose whether to include only Active, Inactive or all programs
  • Program(s) - choose which programs to include
  • Apply Client Location Filter - if turned on, it will only include clients where the latest client location matches the CoC selected above
  • Report Output Format
    • Web Page
    • PDF
    • Excel

Admin Report Additional Parameters

  • Agency Status - Active, Inactive or All
  • Agency(ies) - Use the CTRL key to select more than one agency



Capacity is calculated from the Bed and Unit Inventories which are active as of the night before the report is run.

Note: If [Project Type] = PH - Rapid Re-Housing (13), then Bed and Unit Inventories are calculated based on active enrollments on the night before the report is run.

Total in Use

Note: An enrollment is active when the exit date is NULL OR the exit date is after the night before the report is run.

Emergency Shelter - Entry Exit, Transitional Housing, and Safe Haven

An enrollment is active when the report is run.

Emergency Shelter - Night-by-Night

An enrollment is active AND there is an Attendance Service for a bed night the night before the report is run.

All Permanent Housing (PH) Projects

An enrollment is active AND the Housing Move-in Date is before the day the report is run. Please refer to the Housing Move-in Date for more information

Current Availability

This column is simply calculated by taking the difference:

  • [Capacity] - [Total in Use]

Drilldown Functionality

Drilldown functionality is available for this report. Drilling down on counts in the Total in Use column will provide basic demographic information about each client included in the count.

Updated 3/2/2021