Charts and Goals

How Do I Work with Program Charts?


Program Charts allow agencies to track and graphically display changes in certain data over time in the client record. When data is collected at program entry, exit, status assessment, or follow-up, the Program Chart measures the chosen data fields to track changes over time. 

You can go to the Chart tab within the program enrollment to view the chart documenting the client progress.  


The fields that the charts plot in this area are decided by your Agency Manager.  For more information on this process, please review the Program Setup: Charts article.

Each data point represents a point in time in the program enrollment where data was collected. These status labels are:

  • EN: Entry
  • S(Number): Status (S1 represents the first status assessment, S2 the second, etc.)
  • AS: Annual Assessment
  • EX: Exit
  • F(Number): Follow-up (F1 represents the first follow-up assessment, F2 the second, etc.)