HUD and Federal Partner Reports

Housing Move-in Date


One of the most important and complex HUD HMIS data elements is Housing Move-in Date (3.20). This article will attempt to explain some of the fine points of how this element is used in HUD and Federal Partner reporting.

Some of the reports where Housing Move-in Date comes into play include:

  • Annual Performance Report [HUDX-227]
  • ESG CAPER [HUDX-228]
  • System Performance Measures [HUDX-223-AD]
  • Longitudinal System Analysis [HUDX-231-AD]
  • Housing Inventory Count [HUDX-123-AD]
  • Shelter Count PIT [HUDX-230-AD]

Additionally, Bitfocus has implemented the same logic into other "canned" reports requiring Housing Move-in Date as part of the report logic.

The Basics

The following is an overview of the minimal requirements for counting an enrollment as having a Housing Move-in Date.

Screen Type

The Housing Move-in Date is only taken from Program Enrollment Screens of the enrollment's Head of Household. If a program captures Housing Move-in Date on a different screen, it will not be included in reporting on Move-ins.

Project Type Code

The enrollment must be in one of the following project types:

  • PH - Permanent Supportive Housing (3)
  • PH - Housing Only (9)
  • PH - Housing with Services (10)
  • PH - Rapid Re-Housing (13)

Head of Household

The enrollment must have one and only one Head of Household designated. 

  • Ideally, the HoH entered the project on or before the date all other household members entered.

Housing Move-in Date in Relation to Other Dates

  • The Move-in Date must be on or between the HoH's Project Start Date and Project Exit Date.
  • The Move-in Date must be before the reporting period end date.


Often, reality does not conform to the ideal standards. As a result, some specific alternate situations are visually summarized below:


Follow the flow to see details of how certain situations are handled.

Updated: 4/7/2023