Profile Screen Reports

[GNRL-212] Profile Details Report


Type of Report

This report requires either an Enrollment, Assessment, or Service during the reporting period. 


The Profile Details report lists all the responses to the questions on the selected profile screen. The responses for each client are included.

Running the Report

Who Can Run the Report

Anyone can run this report but the returned information will be limited based on access rights of the user. 

An Administrator version of the report is also available [GNRL-212-AD]. System administrators and users with additional access rights can run the report across multiple agencies.

Report Location

The report is found in the Profile Screen Reports section of the report library.


The parameters required are as follows:

  • Profile Screen - Choose which Profile Screen to be returned in the report
    • Only Profile Screens with Status = Active will be displayed
  • Client Service Criteria - Choose whether the report should include Client Services or not
    • Service Status - If based on Services, choose the status of the Services to include
    • Service(s) - Use the CTRL key to select more than one Service or choose All
  • Assessment Criteria - Choose whether the report should include Assessments or not
    • Assessment Screen(s) - Use the CTRL key to select more than one assessment or choose All
  • Program Enrollment Criteria - Choose whether the report should include Enrollments or not
    • Project Type(s) - Choose the Project Type(s) to include
    • Program Status - Choose the status of Programs to include
    • Program(s) - Choose which Program(s) to include
    • Enrollments - Choose whether to include Active Enrollments or New Enrollments 
      • New Enrollments have a start date during the reporting period
  • Report Date Range - Choose report date range
    • Clients with assessments, services or enrollments during the report period will be included in the results

Admin Report Additional Parameters

  • CoC - Only one CoC may be reported on
  • Agency Status - active, inactive or all
  • Agency(ies) - use the CTRL key to select more than one agency


This report is only available in Excel format. Potentially, the number of columns can be quite large. Excel is the best format for handling and viewing a large number of columns.

The report is delivered as an Excel workbook with two tabs:

  • Parameters - details out the parameters selected
  • Client Profile - details out the clients returned and the profile responses



  • All clients and profiles where
    • ([Service Name] is selected AND
    • [Service] is active within reporting range)
    • OR
    • ([Assessment Name] is selected AND 
    • [Assessment Date] is within reporting range)
    • OR
    • ([Program Name] is selected AND
    • ([Enrollment] is active during the reporting range OR [New Enrollment] during the reporting range))

Included Fields

  • Unique ID
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Social Security Number - format is xxx-xx-#### (only the last 4 is displayed)
  • Quality of SSN
  • Quality of Name
  • Quality of DoB
  • Date of Birth
  • All fields from the selected profile screen

Updated 3/1/2021