Administrator Reports

[GNRL-110-AD] VIP List

Report Purpose & Summary

The [GNRL-110-AD] VIP List is a report that can be used to identify clients that have accessed the homeless services system most frequently. The list can be prioritized on a handful of different criteria:

  • Programs Enrollment
  • Services Attendance
  • Expenses Received

Running the Report

Report Location

The report is located in the Administrator section of the Report Library.

Who Can Run the Report

System Administrators, and others with the appropriate access level, can run the report.


The following parameters are required to run the report.

CoC Choose the CoC to report from
Agency Status All, Active, Inactive
Agency(ies) Choose the Agencies to include in the report
Project Type(s) Choose the Project Type(s)
Program Status All, Active, Inactive
Program(s) Choose the Programs to include
Number of VIP users to display Choose a number of top clients to include
Most Active Criteria
  • Programs Enrollment
  • Services Attendance
  • Expenses Received
Veteran Status All, No, Yes, etc.
Report Date Range Choose the date range of client activity to include
Report Output Format Web Page, PDF, Excel

Report Details


Based on the parameters selected, the report returns

  • Program Enrollments - active during the reporting period

  • Services (program connected) - provided under Active Client Enrollments (regardless of dates services were provided)

  • Expenses - provided under program connected Client Services during the reporting period

Clients are sorted by Most Active Criteria:

  • Programs Enrollment - Number of Program Enrollments

  • Services Attendance - Number of Client Services

  • Expenses Received - Amount of Expenses

The Gender column combines Gender picklist values and uses the below abbreviations:

  • "1 OGI" - One Other Gender Identity
  • "PNTA" - Prefers Not To Answer

VIP List Table

The above table format is used for all three selection criteria: Programs Enrollment, Services Attendance, Expenses Received.

Agency List Table


Updated: 11/28/2023