Program-Based Reports

[GNRL-106] Program Roster

Report Purpose & Summary

This program-based report lists program stay information for selected programs and status according to specified report dates.

Running the Report

Report Location

This report is found in the Program Based section of the Report Library.

Who Can Run the Report

Anyone can run the report, but only for the Program for which they have access.

Parameter Options

The following parameters are available to obtain targeted details in the [GNRL-106] Program Roster Report:

Program(s) The report can be run for one, multiple or all programs in the current agency

Active within report date range- means that the client's project stay is active at least one day within the report date range. This includes clients enrolled within the report date range, clients exited within the report date range, and clients enrolled before the report date range and exited after the report date range or still active. 

Enrolled within report date rangemeans that the client's enrollment date is within the report date range

Exited within report date rangemeans that the client's exit date is within the report date range

Report Date Range Choose the date range for enrollments to include in the report
Report Output Format

You can select Web Page, PDF, or Excel.

Report Details

This report is designed to provide an overview of program stay information for all active, enrolled, or exited clients.

This report provides information for the following data elements:

  • Client
  • Unique Identifier
  • Birth Date
  • Age At Entry
  • Current Age
  • Enroll Date
  • Exit Date
  • LOS (Length of Stay)
  • Housing Move-in (Date)
  • A (Assessments)
  • S (Services)
  • CN (Case Notes)
  • Assigned Staff

The table is sorted by Length of Stay and grouped by enrollment Household.

GNRL 106

Each program specific table contains three counts - Number of Enrollments, Number of Unique Clients and Number of Households. After all program specific tables, there are also total counts for enrollments, unique clients and households. 

  • Number of Enrollments will include all clients enrolled during the reporting period - even if they had multiple enrollments during the reporting period.
  • Number of Unique Clients provides a deduplicated client count.
  • Number of Households contains a count of households served during the reporting period. Similar to Number of Enrollments, the Number of Households count could contain duplicate counts of households if there are multiple enrollments during the reporting period. 

Note: Total Number Unique Clients will provide a deduplicated count of clients. For example, if Client A was served in Program 1 and Program 2 during the reporting period, Client A would only be counted once in the Total Number of Unique Clients count. 

Client Profile Information

The following data elements included in the report are generated from the client profile screen: 

Client This data element is comprised of the First Name and Last Name fields from the client profile screen
Unique Identifier Unique field automatically generated when the client record is saved to the Clarity system
Birth Date This data element is from the client profile screen
Current Age Calculated value based on the client Date of Birth

Program Stay Information

The following data elements included in the report are generated from the program tabs of the specified program(s):

Age at Entry This comes from the date of birth data field on the client profile screen which is compared to the enrollment date on the program enrollment screen.
Enroll Date This is the date of program enrollment. This information comes from the program enrollment screen regardless of whether the client is active or inactive.
Exit Date This is the date the client was exited from the program; this information comes from the program End tab. Note that this is null for active clients.

This is the Length of Stay for each client. It is calculated using the HUD HMIS Method 1 from the Reporting Glossary

For Emergency Shelter, Night-by-Night projects we use Method 2 - Using Bed Night Dates for Night-by-Night Shelters.

For all other project types, including Emergency Shelter Entry/Exit we use Method 1 – Using Start/Exit Dates.

Note: Utilizing the methodology above, LOS is calculated from project start date to the earliest date between project end date, reporting period end date, and now.

Housing Move-In This is an adjusted Housing Move-in date. Please refer to the Housing Move-in Date article for more information. If the project is not a permanent housing project, the Housing Move-in cell will be grayed out.
Assessments This is a count of status &/or annual assessments the client completed during the program enrollment.
Services This is a count of service placements for services associated with the selected program(s).
Case Notes This is a count of case notes connected with the program enrollment.
Assigned Staff

 This will default to the staff who enrolled the client. This can be modified by clicking on the edit icon next to the Assigned Staff in the program section of the client record.

There may be more than one assigned staff listed.

* Denotes inactive Assigned Staff

Programs Table

This table displays the programs selected in the parameters.

Drilldown Functionality

In the Web format, you can select Client Name or Unique Identifier and be taken directly to the client's profile screen in a new tab. 

Updated: 03/30/2022