Program-Based Reports

[GNRL-105] Program Participation Summary

This program-based report provides basic program information for both active and inactive clients (with the option to include household members) for the specified program(s) during the report dates.

Running the Report

Report Location

This report is found in the Program Based section of the Report Library.

Who Can Run the Report

Anyone can run the report, but only for Programs for which they have access.

Parameter Options

The following parameters are available to obtain targeted details in the [GNRL-105] Program Participation Summary:

Program Type(s) Choose the type(s) of programs to include in the report.
Program Status Choose whether to display All, Active or Inactive programs
Program(s) Select the program(s) you want to include. Select All to report on all agency programs.
Funding(s) All agency funding sources (primary and sub-granted) are listed. Selecting Any Funding Source will generate information linked to all funding sources in your agency attached to the selected program(s). Selecting Not Based on Funding Source will generate information linked to all selected program(s) regardless of funding sources. Selecting one or multiple funding sources will generate information linked to chosen funding sources in your agency attached to the selected program(s).
Group Members Display Select Hide Group Members to exclude household members and list only the head of household. Select Show Group Members to include the names of all household members of each client included in the report.
Report Date Range Choose the date range of active enrollments to include. If "Any Funding Source" or a particular funding/subfunding are chosen, there needs to be client services provided which are related to the selected programs. The service must be provided during the report date range and must have an expense using the selected fundings.
Report Output Format You can select Web Page, PDF, or Excel.

Report Details

This report provides basic program information for active and inactive clients with program stays in the selected program(s) during the specified report dates. It provides the option to show or hide household members meaning that household members can be included or not included in the report. If Show Group Members is selected, all household members will be listed regardless of whether they have a program stay during the report dates.

Note that this report offers a general summary for all programs selected; it does not categorize the clients (or their households) by program

This report groups clients in two groups; Active Clients actively enrolled in the program during the report dates and Inactive Clients who were exited within the report dates

Each of these two sections is divided into numerous data element categories.

Client Name, Unique Identifier, and Birth Date These client data elements are taken from the client's Profile screen.
Household Member Information

These are the Household Members that are included in the project enrollment but are not the head of household.

Global Profile Household Members who do are not included in the project enrollment, are not included in the report.

Start Date, End Date Are the Program Start and End Dates. 
LOS (Length of Stay) You can find more information about LOS calculation in the HMIS Reporting Glossary.
Assessment This is the number of assessments completed for each client for the included program(s).

This is the number of program-based services provided to each client. Services are only counted if they are linked to the selected program(s).

If Any Funding Source or some particular funding sources are chosen on the Prompts page, only Services with expenses from these funding sources will be counted in the report.

Assigned Staff

This is the staff member who is assigned to the enrollment. There may be more than one assigned staff displayed.

Note: * denotes Inactive Assigned Staff.

Note: Drilldown functionality is not necessary for this report.

Updated 2/19/2021