Service-Based Reports

[GNRL-103] Service Census

Report Purpose & Summary

This is a service-based report that provides a list of clients who received specific services on specific dates during a chosen reporting timeframe. Drilldown functionality generates all client names for those who received each service, as well a data quality score, and the staff member responsible for entering the information.

Running the Report

Report Location

The Service Census report is found in the Service-based section of the report library.

Who Can Run the Report

Anyone can run the report but the returned information will be limited based on the access rights of the user.


The following parameters are needed to determine the criteria for data returns in the report.

Service Status
  • All Services
  • Active Services
  • Inactive Services
  • All
  • Ctrl + select more than one service
  • Shift to select a series of services
Veterans Status
  • All
  • Yes
  • No
  • Client Doesn't Know
  • Client Refused
  • Data Not Collected
Report Date Range The date range of the provided services to include in the report
Report Output Format Web Page, PDF, or Excel

Report Details

The Service Census report gathers information based on services provided.  The information in this report is pulled from service transactions conducted during the reporting period.

Service Listing

Services selected in the report parameters and provided to clients will be grouped by month and displayed in the left side of the report if they have been provided to a client.

Each month included in the report is broken down into calendar days.  The individual cells indicate the number of clients receiving that particular service for that particular day.

Service Count Table

A counts table is included in the report which provides information on the total number of each selected service provided within the reporting period.  The number of unduplicated clients receiving the individual services is also included along with totals.

Services without any Households served

This table displays services selected in the parameter options that were not provided to any Households. This table will only be displayed if there are selected services that were not provided to clients during the reporting period.

Drilldown Functionality

Drilldown functionality is available for this report.

Data Quality Drilldown

Clicking the client name in the initial drilldown screen will provide Data Quality information for that particular client.  This information can assist the user in resolving data quality issues and increase the AVG DQ%.

Updated 1/15/2021