Service-Based Reports

[GNRL-102] Client List

Report Purpose & Summary

This is a service-based report that lists details of all clients, according to veteran status, who have received selected service item(s) for a specified period of time.

Running the Report

Report Location

This report can be found in the following location in the Report Library:

  • Service Based Reports → [GNRL-102] Client List

Running the Report

All users can run the report, but only for services for which they have access.

Parameter Options

The following parameters are required to run this report:

Service: Service Item(s)

Choose which service items(s) to include: 

All, Single Select, or Multi-Select (Hold Control/Command or Hold Shift to select multiple options sequentially.)

Veteran Status Select Veteran Status
Matching Criteria

This parameter determines how clients in the selected service(s) will be generated. If you run the report with multiple services, selecting:

  • In All the selected services - displays only clients receiving in all of the selected services
  • In Any of the selected services - displays all clients receiving at least one of the selected services.
Report Date Range Choose the period during which the service was provided.
Report Output Format

Web page, PDF, Excel

Report Details

In general, this report provides a list of all clients who have received selected service items during a specified period of time (determined by your report’s Start Date and End Date). It is a service-based report, meaning that it only reports data specific to services – information pertaining to only programs is not included in this report.

This report pulls data from several locations within the client record, including the Client Profile screen and the Services tab. To generate the client list, the report collects client names for all those enrolled in any services within the agency. It then filters this list according to the service(s) you select from the Service(s) parameter on the Prompts page.

It filters the list further according to the Veteran Status you choose. Note that Veteran Status is pulled from the Client Profile screen.

Once the report is generated, it will contain several pieces of information:

Unique Identifier & Client Name

The Unique Identifier and Client Name is reported from the Client Profile screen.

Data Quality

This column contains a data quality percentage based on whether or not data has been collected on the following fields:

  • Quality of Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Quality of Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Quality of Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Race & Ethnicity
  • Veteran Status (for those 18 or older) 

Responsible Staff

This column indicates the staff member who provided the service to the client by creating the service record.


The Services table lists the services selected in the parameter.

Drilldown Functionality

Clicking the Unique Identifier or Client Name will display the client's demographic information from their Client Profile screen.  Data elements missing from the client profile will appear in red text.

client list-1

Updated 11/30/2023