Program-Based Reports

[EXPS-103] Program Funding Source Financial Detail


This is an enrollment-based report that returns a detailed list of expense service records.

Running the Report

Who Can Run the Report

Anyone can run the report but the returned information will be limited based on the access rights of the user.

Report Location

It is located in the Program Based section of the Report Library.


  • Program(s) - choose which program(s) to include in the report
    • Option to choose All
    • Option to ctrl-click or shift-click to choose more than one
  • Funding Criteria - choose how Funding Source should be considered in the report
    • Not Based on Funding Source - will include all expense service records regardless of funding source information
    • No Funding Source - will only include expense service records with no associated funding source
    • Only Primary Funding - will only include expense service records where the program is the Primary grantee for the funding
    • Primary and Subgrant Funding - will include expense service records where the program is either the Primary grantee or sub-grantee programs
  • Funding Status 
    • All Fundings
    • Active Fundings
    • Inactive Fundings
  • Funding(s) - choose which fund(s) to include or choose "Any Funding Source"
  • Report Date Range - The date range for the expenses to include in the report
  • Report Output - The report is available in the following formats
    If the report contains more than 80,000 rows, the report format will automatically return as Excel
    • Web page
    • PDF
    • Excel


The report universe includes the following

  • Program-connected Services
    • Must include Expense record
    • Date of the Expense is within the reporting period
  • Funding Source must meet the criteria selected in the parameters
  • Address - The client's most recent address the user has access to

Subtotals and grand totals are included for the following:

  • Service Item Totals
  • Service Totals
  • Program Totals
  • Totals

Following the main expense records tables, a table of included funding sources is provided:

This table will only be included if "Only Primary Funding" or "Primary or Subgrant Funding" options were selected in the parameters.

Updated 2/19/2021