Program-Based Reports

[EXIT-101] Potential Exits

Report Purpose & Summary

This is a program-based report that list clients who are active in the program but have not received services, case notes or program connected assessments since the selected cutoff date.

Running the Report

Report Location

This report is found in the Program Based section of the Report Library.

Who Can Run the Report

Anyone can run the report but the returned information will be limited based on the access rights of the user.


The following parameters are available to obtain targeted details in the [EXIT-101] Potential Exits:

Program(s) Select one or more programs to run the report against. Selecting All will generate data for all programs in the dropdown menu.
Cutoff Date Last Activity is prior to this date
Report Output Format
  • Web Page
  • PDF
  • Excel

Report Universe

To be included in the report results, the project stay must meet the following conditions:

  • Enrollment in [Selected Programs] AND
  • [Program Status] = Active AND
  • [Enrollment Start Date] <= [Current Date] AND
  • ([Exit Date] > [Current Date] OR [Exit Date] is Null) AND
  • User running the report has access to the programs/enrollments selected AND
  • (None of the following has been recorded for the enrollment:
    • Enrollment connected Services
    • Assessments - Annual or Status
    • Current Living Situation
    • Case Notes
  • OR
  • [Last Activity] < [Cutoff Date] where [Last Activity] is the most recent date from the following:
    • Enrollment connected Services
    • Assessments - Annual or Status
    • Current Living Situation
    • Case Notes)

Please note:  Only activity CONNECTED to a particular enrollment, regardless of which agency added the activity are considered. In other words, an activity recorded by a user from another agency acting on behalf of the enrolling agency will be considered in the [Last Activity] calculation.

Report Details

The report generates the following data elements:

  • Unique ID
  • Client Name
  • SSN - last four digits only
  • Project Name
  • Most Recent Update/Service/ Case Note/Current Living Situation/Assessment
  • Date of Most Recent Update/Service/Case Note/Current Living Situation/Assessment Date
  • Assigned Staff
  • Enroll Type
    • Individual
    • Family

Total Unique Clients and Total Number of Clients Programs

This lists the total number of unique clients listed in the report as well as the total number of program enrollments (essentially, an unduplicated count of clients).

Projects Included in Datasets

This section displays Projects/Programs that were selected in the Parameter Options when running the report. Some projects listed may not have Potential Exits.

Updated: 6/3/2021