Data Quality Reports

[DQXX-122] Duplicate Assessments Report

Report Purpose and Summary

This assessment-based report identifies those clients with more than one of the same assessment.

Running the Report

Report Location

The report is found in the Data Quality section of the Report Library.

An Admin version [DQXX-122-AD] is available in the Administrator section.

Who Can Run the Report

Anyone can run the report, but the returned information will be limited based on the access rights of the user.

The Admin version can be run across agencies by System Administrators and others with the appropriate access roles.


  • Assessment Screen(s) - choose which active assessment(s) to include in the report
  • Report Date Range
  • Report Output Format
    • Web Page
    • PDF
    • Excel

Admin Version Additional Parameters

  • CoC - choose which CoC to include in the report
    • This can only be run as a single select
  • Agency(ies) - choose which agency(ies) to include in the report

Report Details


To be included in this report a Unique Identifier, client, must have:

  • Assessment from selected parameter list AND
  • [assessment date] within [report date range] AND
  • 1 or more assessments of the same Assessment Screen
    • "duplicate" client assessment is created for the same assessment as the "original" AND
    • "duplicate" client assessment ID != "original" client assessment ID AND
    • "duplicate" client assessment has [assessment date] during the [report date range] AND
    • "duplicate" client assessment can be placed under any agency (not current only) AND
    • "duplicate" client assessment is shared for the user who runs the report

All assessments, both "original" and "duplicate" are included in the report.

Report Tables

The main table groups, by client, the duplicate assessment.

The Unique ID includes a link to the Client Profile screen.