Administrator Reports

[DQXX-105-AD] Monthly Agency Utilization Report

Report Purpose & Summary

This is a report that generates unique client counts and data quality percentages for all active agencies in the selected CoC.

Running the Report

Report Location

The report is found in the Administrator section of the Report Library.

Who Can Run the Report

System Administrators, and others with the appropriate access level, can run the report.


The following parameters are available to obtain targeted details in the [DQXX-105-AD] Monthly Agency Utilization Report:

CoC Select the targeted CoC
Report Date Range Select the reporting month to include in the report


Report Output Format

  • Web page
  • PDF
  • Excel

Report Details

Agencies Actively Using Clarity

This report offers two pieces of information for each agency in the CoC:

  • Unique Client Count
  • Data Quality Score

Unique Client Count

The Unique Client Count is the unduplicated total of clients served in each agency during the report dates. Only those clients with at least one recorded service, program enrollment, or client note during this time are included in this total.

Therefore, this total is generated from program enrollment screens, services, or client notes in the client record. Note however, that this report will only count a client one time even if they have numerous program enrollments, services, or client notes during the report dates. 

Data Quality Percentage

Data Quality score comes from the profile screens of the clients included in the unduplicated total. Data Quality score is based upon the amount of incomplete data fields in a client's profile record.

Agencies with No Clarity Usage

Agencies which have no Clarity client usage during the reporting period are displayed in a separate table.

Drilldown Functionality

Drilldown functionality is not provided for this report.

Updated: 5/26/2021