Data Quality Reports

[DQXX-103] Monthly Staff Report

Report Purpose & Summary

The Monthly Staff Report provides three categories of information:

  • General data quality
  • User Activity (including the number of clients, [both existing and new] that each staff member worked with during the time frame of report)
  • Data quality by data element (e.g. Date of Birth, Race, Ethnicity, Veteran Status, etc.) for all clients served

The report also includes staff from other agencies with "additional access" to the reporting agency data. Staff are pulled into this report based on client's open program enrollments and assigned staff. 

Running the Report

Report Location

This report is found in the Data Quality section of the Report Library.

Who Can Run the Report

Anyone can run the report but the returned information will be limited based on the access rights of the user.


The following parameters are required to run the report:

Report Date Range The range of activity dates to include in the report
Report Output Format

Web Page, PDF, or Excel

Report Details

General Data Quality

This report shows data quality for clients that are included in the report.

User Activity

User activity is broken into 4 sections:

  • Active Staff
  • Active Staff – No Activity
  • Inactive Staff with Actively Enrolled Clients
  • Locked Users with Activity
  • Name - Lists the names of the users who have accessed the system within the report dates
  • Unique Clients - Unique number of clients currently receiving service within the report date range
  • New Clients - Unique number of clients newly enrolled in a service or program within the report date range
  • Average Timeliness - Average number of days from program/service start date to the time the service/program was recorded
  • DQ Don’t Know - Average percentage of Program Specific Data Elements answered Don’t Know
  • DQ Refused - Average percentage of Program Specific Data Elements answered Refused
  • DQ Not Collected - Average percentage of Program Specific Data Elements answered Data Not Collected or is NULL

Data Element

The data in this chart returns the data quality error statistics for each of the data elements. The errors are pulled from the screens as indicated by the section headers.

The chart provides the amount and percentage of Don’t Know, Client Refused and Data Not Collected/NULL response options for all clients served during the report period.

Drilldown Functionality

Drilldown functionality is provided for “Unique Clients” and “New Clients“ columns for all sections except "Active Staff - No Activity". Clicking on the counts in “Unique Clients” and “New Clients“ column will return a list of clients with a table containing Unique Identifier, Name, SSN and Date of Birth. 

There is also drilldown functionality in the Data Element table. Clicking on the Totals counts will return the following:

  • Total Don't Know and Total Refused
    • Unique Identifier
    • Name
    • SSN
    • Date of Birth
  • Total Not Collected
    • Unique Identifier
    • Name
    • SSN
    • Date of Birth
    • Notes (Program Name, Program Stay [Start Date - End Date])


Updated 01/25/2022