2024 Data Standards

Display Constraint Considerations for Custom Screens

System Administrators should review custom field constraints to consider whether changes are needed based on the data standard updates.

If your custom fields, labels, or warnings have display constraints associated with retired/removed fields or picklist items, these constraints need to be updated to remove or replace the retired elements. 

Retired/removed fields and picklist values:

  • ethnicity
  • race
  • well_being_value_worth
  • well_being_support
  • well_being_resiliency
  • well_being_frequency
  • rhsap_worst_housing
  • health_general (on CoC Standard screens, field is still )
  • hopwa_hiv_services
  • hopwa_hiv_services_reason
  • prior_street_address
  • prior_city
  • prior_state
  • zipcode
  • Prior_address_quality
  • hmis_participating_project
  • Picklist options for prior_residence, current_living_situation, exit_destination, and exit_destination_marker:
    • Interim Housing
    • Rental by client, with GPD TIP housing subsidy
    • Rental by client, with VASH housing subsidy
    • Permanent housing (other than RRH) for formerly homeless persons
    • Rental by client, with RRH or equivalent subsidy
    • Rental by client, with HCV voucher (tenant or project based)
    • Rental by client in a public housing unit
    • Rental by client, with other ongoing housing subsidy
  • Picklist options for funding_source or funding_source_marker:
    • Rural Housing Stability Assistance Program
    • HUD: CoC - Joint Component RRH/PSH

Additionally, some elements may have new picklist values that may need to be adjusted in your custom field display constraints to ensure they function as expected:

  • Picklist options for program_type_marker or ref_category:
    • Emergency Shelter Entry Exit
  • Picklist options for funding_source or funding_source_marker:
    • HUD – ESG RUSH
    • HUD: Unsheltered Special NOFO
    • HUD: Rural Special NOFO
  • Picklist options for ami_percent
    • 81% or greater
  • Picklist options for gender
    • Different identity

Display constraints that include updated field or picklist labels will continue to function after the October 1, 2023 updates. 

Published: 09/27/2023