Sample Looks

Data Quality: Annual Assessment Due

Annual Assessments are a required element of several Federal Partner programs. This Look will help program managers monitor progress towards collecting these data points.

1. Explore - Data Quality Model
2. Fields 
Add the following fields to the Look:
    • [Name] (Programs folder)
    • [Assigned Staff] (Enrollments)
    • [Personal ID] (Clients)
    • [Enrollment ID] (Enrollments)
    • [Annual Assessment Status] (DQ Annual Assessments)
    • [Targeted Annual Assessment](DQ Annual Assessments)
    • [Annual Assessment Date] (DQ Annual Assessments)
3. Filters
Add the following fields as filters to the Look:
    • [Agency Name] (Agencies)
    • [Annual Assessment Status] (DQ Annual Assessments) - Is:
      • Completed out of range
      • Due in 30-60 days
      • Past Due
      • Due
    • [Head of Household] (Enrollments)
    • Adjust the Reporting Period filter as needed

      • Reporting Period filter will impact which Annual Assessment errors will be returned. i.e., only missing Assessments with due dates between the Report Start and End Dates will be displayed
      • Recommend using "is in the past 12 complete months" for preparing for APR submission
      • Recommend using "is in the past 1 quarters" for Annual Assessment maintenance    
4. Sort order
The following is a recommended sort order. To achieve this, hold down the Shift key, then click on the column header twice to get it in ascending order ^.

    1. Assigned Staff
    2. Personal ID
    3. Targeted Annual Assessment

This report will show program managers clients/enrollments that require annual assessments that are late or due within the next 60 days. Clicking on the "..." will display a link to either the Clarity Enrollment or Client Profile.