Release Notes

Data Analysis Release Notes 01/30/2024

Release Notes Summary

The changes outlined here will be released to looker training instances on 01/16/2024 and production instances on 01/30/2024. There may be changes to this article until the release date. 

  • Changed the label of field “Clients: personalID” to “Clients ID”, and updated the description.
    •  field name “”
  • Marked field “Clients: General ID” retired and moved to a Retired group in the Clients view.
    •  field name “clients.general_id”
  • Added a new “Clients: Personal ID” field.
    •  field name “clients.personal_id”
  • Created a new measure of “Clients: Count Personal ID”  in the Clients view.
    •  field name  “clients.count_personal_id”  
  • Updated label of current “Clients: Number of Clients” field  to be “Clients: Count Client IDs”.
    •  field name “clients.count”

These changes are in all models.

In this release, aggregated fields (e.g. first/last enrollment by client etc), chronic homeless fields and other derived fields will all continue to use the “” field and refer to the individual client record. In future releases these fields will be updated to use the new “clients.personal_id” field and refer to the unduplicated client record.


Data Analysis Required Action: 

Update any downstream uses of content that rely on the labels for fields “” and “clients.count”.