Data Analysis Learning Resources

Dashboard and Look Usage Policies

In order to provide an efficient data analysis tool and balance the operational needs of Clarity Communities, Bitfocus will be implementing Looker standard practices. These policies and procedures will be in full effect by 8/1/2021. All users are encouraged to change their own practices soon to help with the transition.

  • Looks - Must be used at least once every two years
    • Consequence: Unused Looks will be deleted
  • Custom published Clarity fields - Must be included in Looker content within 30 days of being published to Looker
    • Consequence: Unused fields will be unpublished
  • Dashboard Content Limit - Must have <= 25 queries/tiles per dashboard
    • Consequence: Scheduling will be removed
    • Consequence: Auto-refresh will be removed
    • Alternative: Consider creating multiple, linked, dashboards for better presentation
  • Dashboard Auto-refresh - Auto-refresh rate must be less than once per hour
    • Consequence: Auto-refresh will be set to once per hour
  • Dashboard Scheduling - Scheduling must be for less than once per hour
    • Consequence: Any dashboards scheduled more than once per hour will be changed to once per hour
    • More frequent scheduling cannot be supported due to Looker caching functionality
  • SFTP Scheduling - Failed SFTP transfers will be retried 3 times
    • Consequence: The recurrence will be ended
    • SFTP addresses must be static to be reliable
      • Dynamic IPs are not supported by Looker