Client Reports

[CLNT-103] Photo ID Card - Sample

Clarity Human Services offers a simple method for producing ID cards which can be used with any barcode scanner for providing services within Clarity. To create a printable file simply:

  1. From the client's profile, click on the printer icon
  2. Run [CLNT-103] Photo ID Card - Sample
  3. A PDF file will automatically be generated with the client's name, photo (if uploaded on the profile), date of birth, and a bar code with their Clarity Human Services unique identifier
    Capture 2023-04-13 at 11.52.15

The card can then be printed on an available printer.

To use the card to provide services, refer to "How do I Manage Client Attendance From the Attendance Screen?" Scroll down to the Unique Identifier Scan Upload section.


Updated: 04/13/2023