Client Reports

[CLNT-102] Client History


Type of Report

This is a hybrid report requiring either services, program enrollments, and/or unit assignments. It is run on the client level for one client at a time.


The report provides a history of services provided, program enrollments, and Inventory related assignments for the client for the selected reporting period.

Running the Report

Who Can Run the Report

Anyone can run the report but results will be limited based on the user's access levels.

Report Location

The Client History report is a client-based report and must be run from the client's profile screen.


  • Report Output Format
    • Web Page
    • PDF
    • Excel



Based on the parameters selected, the report returns

  • Program Enrollments - active during the reporting period
  • Services (either standalone or program connected) - provided during the reporting period
  • Unit/Bed Assignments - occupied during the reporting period 

Report Tables

Capture 2022-10-12 at 14.58.48

The Unit History Table utilizes Project Type acronyms to ensure a clean layout. The Project Type acronyms are listed in the table below. 


Project Type Code

Project Type

ES 1 Emergency Shelter
TH 2 Transitional Housing
PSH 3 PH - Permanent Supportive Housing (disability required for entry)
SO 4 Street Outreach
S/o 6 Services Only
O 7 Other
SH 8 Safe Haven
PH - HO 9 PH - Housing Only
PH - H w/S 10 PH - Housing with Services (no disability required for entry)
DS 11 Day Shelter
HP 12 Homelessness Prevention
RRH 13 PH - Rapid Re-Housing
CE 14 Coordinated Entry



Updated: 03/08/2023