Client Reports

[CLNT-101] Case Notes


Type of Report

This report is based on Client Notes - either notes linked to project enrollments or standalone notes.


[CLNT-101] Case Notes provides a method for case managers to run printed case notes for inclusion in case files. Great care should be taken to secure the printed case notes to protect client privacy.

Running the Report

Who Can Run the Report

Users with access to Client Notes and the correct Agency access may run this report. Additionally, if the originating Agency has turned on sharing for Client Notes, users from another Agency may run the Case Notes report if the Agency has sharing rights with the originating Agency.

Report Location

The Case Notes report is a client-based report and must be run from the client's profile screen.


The following parameters are required to run the [CLNT-101] Case Notes Report:

  • Program(s)
    • There is an option to select "Not connected to a specific program"
  • Report Date Range - The date of the Client Note


This report can be produced as:

  • Web page
  • PDF
  • Excel



  • Case Notes where:
    • Case Note date is within report date range

Included Fields:

Client Profile Information:

  • Name
  • SSN Number
  • Quality of SSN
  • Date of Birth and Age
  • Quality of DoB
  • Unique Identifier
  • Client Photo

Case Notes:

  • Title
  • Agency
  • Staff creating case note
  • Date
  • Client's Project Stay: Program Name, Program Start and End Date 
  • Case note text

Updated 2/19/2021