Sample Looks

Client Model: Identifying Archivable Clients

A best practice for human services systems is to periodically remove or archive data for inactive clients. The Client Model provides a method to identify inactive clients using the "Last Interaction" features of the model. For a description of the "Last Interaction" fields, refer back to the Client Model article.

The following is a suggested Look to use to identify those clients who have not interacted with the Continuum of Care system in a user-defined number of years.

  1. Explore - Client Model
  2. Fields
    Add the following fields to the Look:
    • [Personal ID] (Clients)
    • Interaction Date (Client Last Interaction)
    • Interaction Type (Client Last Interaction)
  3. Filters
    Add the following filters:
    • [Interaction Date Year] (Client Last Interaction) "is before" and choose the date, for example, 2012/01/01
      • This will select clients where their last interaction was in 2011 or earlier
    • [Active in Project] (Enrollments) "is" No
      • This will only include clients with no active project enrollments
    • Add additional filters as required for the situation

The resulting list will be those clients whose records are candidates for archiving. 

Note: Always follow your community's policies for archiving client data.

Updated: 01/10/2024