Assessments Templates (Measures)


What is an Assessment Measure?

Assessment Measures allow the changing value of a field over time to be displayed graphically for an assessment completed at the agency level in the client record. Assessment Measures are similar to Charts. However, Charts are used exclusively within program enrollments to display Status changes.

Measures can be enabled in two places: within Assessments Templates and at the agency level. When enabled in Assessments Templates, the measure will automatically be enabled anywhere the assessment is enabled for the agency (agency administrators may toggle the measure off). When enabled at the agency level, the administrator will toggle on the measure for the assessment for the chosen agency only. 

Enabling Measures from Assessments Templates

Click the Launchpad and navigate to SETUP > TEMPLATES > Assessments.  

 All of the assessments in the system will display. Click the edit icon next to the assessment you would like to enable a measure for. 

From within the Assessment Template, click ADD NEW MEASURE

All of the fields contained within the assessment will display as options. Choose the field you would like to display as a measure and click ADD.

After you add the measure, you can select the color that will be used for displaying the measure in the client record. 


Once the Assessment Template is saved, the measure will automatically be enabled for all agencies where the assessment is enabled as an agency-level assessment.