Agency Assessments Tab Overview


The Agency Assessments tab allows you to select the Assessment Screens that will display in the client record Assessments tab for staff members at the agency. These assessments will also be available to be used as Program Assessments

To access the Agency Assessments tab, first ensure you are switched into the correct agency. Click the Launchpad and navigate to MANAGE > ASSESSMENTS.


All Assessment Screens in the system will display. A toggle will display beside each assessment title. Toggle on the switch for any assessments you would like to make available to the agency.


The selected assessments will now be available to staff members at the agency in the client-level Assessments tab. For an assessment to show within an enrollment, it must be set up at the program level

To the right of each enabled assessment is a SETUP link. Clicking SETUP will display additional configuration options.


The MEASURES section will list all fields contained in the assessment. Any measures that have been enabled for the assessment in Assessments Templates will display as toggled on and can be toggled off if desired.


Toggling on a measure will enable the system to graph changes over time for the selected measures in the assessment when it's completed from the agency-level Assessments tab