Configuring INVENTORY

Adding INVENTORY Photos


Within INVENTORY, you can upload photos of Buildings, Unit Configuration Types, and Units.

The file size for each photo is limited to 10 MB. You will be able to crop the photo to a 3:2 aspect ratio after you upload it.

If no photo has been uploaded for a particular Unit, the system will display the photo of the current default Unit Configuration Type. If there is no Unit Configuration Type photo, the system will display the current default Building photo. 

If there are no associated default photos, the system will not display a photo for the Unit.

Note: The images in this article show how to add Building photos, but the concept is the same for Units and for Unit Configuration Types.


Adding A Photo

Navigate to the Overview page for a Building, Unit Configuration Type, or Unit and scroll down until you see the PHOTOS field. Click ADD A PHOTO > Select File > UPLOAD. Repeat as needed to upload additional photos.  

Note: If there are no Unit photos uploaded, the Unit Configuration photo will be the default photo for both.


Setting a Default Photo

If you have multiple photos uploaded, the default photo will appear with a green outline.


To change the default photo, double-click on the photo and select Set Default.