Release Notes

9/20/2022 Release Notes

The following changes will be implemented in the data analysis tool, effective 9/20/2022. There may be changes to this article until the release date.

General Changes

We will be updating the Looker URL in the Clarity application to remove the port number "9999." We do not foresee this impacting Looker or Clarity negatively but should allow organizations with stricter security policies to access embedded Looker.

Looker has discontinued their email service responsible for delivering content to users' emails.  Bitfocus is taking over this service to ensure that emailed content continues to be delivered. However, the sender email address for content coming from the Looker application will change from "" to "".

As part of the 7/18/22 release embedded users were no longer able to schedule looks. Any schedules created by embedded users may still work but emails sent to users external to their organizations will no longer work. These schedules should be recreated by a standalone user at the organization to ensure all email recipients continue to receive the report.

A new “Outreach (BETA)” Model will be released to all customers. This model can be used to track clients in encampments from the outreach functionality in ClarityHS. More information about the Outreach Model and Sample Looks are available here.

A new parameter "CH Pit Evaluation Date" has been added for "Entry Screen" on models: Client, CE, DQ, HMIS Performance, and Population Over Time. The default choice is "Current Date" which only reports CH clients on the current date regardless of the reporting period. The "Day Before Report End Date" choice adds new logic to report clients that would have been CH  at the end of the reporting period.  
9/20/22 3pm pacific update: The new CH PIT Evaluation Date has been rolled back to previous functionality.  A bug has been discovered.  We will re-release this new feature once the bug has been resolved.

Made updates to the LSA Toolkit LookMl Dashboards:

  • Separated out the Utilization and LOS Looks to their own dashboard.
  • Add a look to the new Utilization dashboard for NbN shelter enrollments with no bed night service the night prior to Exit.
  • Update Utilization Looks to include projects with no active enrollments.
  • Add a Look to the Funding Source Configuration Issues Dashboard for Bed Inventory Change over Time from current and previous reporting year.
  • Update the Overlapping enrollments and Bed Night looks to more closely match the numbers flagged in the LSA files.

The Program Eligibility Requirements view has been removed. This was an old view that is not used.

HMIS Performance

Added a filter-only field called “Inbound Recidivism SPM Project Type Filter” with two selectable values: “SPM Logic” and “All Project Types Included”. When SPM Logic is selected, only project types mentioned in the SPM Measure 2 specifications will be included.  Fields in the Inbound Recidivism view are now grouped with like fields. 

Project Descriptor Model

Moved fields related to Program Templates from the Template Details group in the Programs view to a new view called Program Templates. 

Created a new field in the screen's view called "Agency Assigned" that displays the agency assigned to the screen. This shows data from the “Agency” field on the screen editor page - options are one agency or "Any Agency". If "Any Agency" is assigned, all agencies have access to the screen.

Updated: 9/20/2022