Release Notes

5/23/2022 Release Notes

The following changes will be implemented in the data analysis tool, effective 5/23/2022. There may be changes to this article until the release date.

General Changes

The Program Performance LookML dashboard has been created to provide program-specific performance metrics for analysis using System Performance Measures and other federal reporting requirements and guidelines as the basis for the content. Please see additional information on this dashboard here.

A new  “CoC Code of Client at Project Update” field has been added in the Status Update Screen View in HMIS Performance and Client Models

HMIS Performance Model

New fields have been added for identifying the First and Last Current Living Situation (CLS) Assessment Per Enrollment.  

System Performance Measures (Retired) fields have been made unavailable. These fields will be completely removed in the next release.

Action Required: Any looks and dashboards using these fields should be updated to use the System Performance Measures (New) fields or deleted.

Project Descriptor Model

New fields have been added to the Project Descriptor Model to enable reporting on program configuration of 'Persistent Inventory Calculated Records' and Bed and Unit Inventory 'Calculation Status'. These fields can be used to more accurately report beds & units when using the Inventory Module.